Things I’m Loving Thursday 3

Good evening!

This weeks “Things I’m Loving Thursday” post coming at ya a little late, but it’s still Thursday so it’s okay! Right? Let’s get started!

1. Paleokrunch Apple Pie Grainless Granola

I do not eat a strictly paleo diet by any means, but I like to incorporate paleo recipes and food where I can. Steve’s PaleoGoods makes amazing grain free granola and other snacks, and a portion of proceeds benefits kids in need. I’ve been eating this like crazy with some almond milk, sprinkled on top of Greek yogurt, and maybe a little straight out of the bag!


2. Jimmy Fallon Blew his Chance with Nicole Kidman

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite shows to catch up on with Hulu! I think he is hilarious and love how he has a way with getting celebrities to do crazy things. This clip of Nicole Kidman talking about the first time they met is SO funny! Worth a watch!!

3. Weightlifting Belt from Harbinger

I finally broke down and bought a weightlifting belt recently and had a few chances to break it out this week. I held off for a long time because I felt the weights I was lifting weren’t heavy enough to really warrant a belt. Lately I’ve found myself borrowing belts from other girls at my Crossfit gym for things like heavy squats, so I figured I better just order my own! And I love it! I love how it provides support for heavy lifts and is easily adjustable. And at under $20 it was a great deal too!


4. Chamomile Tea

I’m an avid coffee drinker, but find myself sipping hot tea in the office when I need something to warm me up, but don’t necessarily want the caffeine content of my beloved coffee. I had never tried chamomile or any nighttime tea until the night before our cruise, when our hotel room in Miami had a variety of teas available. My boyfriend picked out the chamomile tea and brewed it up, and I’m pretty sure he only got a couple of sips before I snagged it and pretty much drank the rest!

I was happy to find a nighttime tea option for my Keurig so I had to try it! It’s perfect for enjoying in the evening of a single digit temperature day like we’ve been having this week in Michigan (the weather is certainly not one of my favorite things this week)!


What are you loving this week?

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